How Bulk SMS Service can help for increase your business

How Bulk SMS Service can help for Traffic Alert

How BULK SMS Can Help Optimize Your Business Prospects

Business SMS is the most effective way for companies to send quick updates – be it transactional, promotional, reminders, or of any other nature – to their customers. SMS is a vital customer communication channel for businesses, offering higher open and engagement rates than other channels like email, without being too intrusive.Exotel’s bulk SMS service allows you to send out thousands of text messages to your customers within seconds. We have multiple efficient SMS routes to over countries to ensure high delivery rates and cost-efficiency. SMS …or text messages have been around since 1992 when the first message was sent. It’s barely changed much at all since then in the way that we use it, the fundamentals are still the same. And yet it’s still more popular than ever, especially for business!
In cities all over India, the mobile phone has become a standard vital personal accessory. While the internet age and smartphones and tablets have introduced a new era of mobile phone use; There are still certain marketing benefits of older technology such as bulk texting. In India or in such smaller cities, a number of companies, companies and companies reach local customers with services such as mass mailing and bulk texting.

About A2P

A2P or “application-to-person” utilizes applications or systems to send messages. It is the traffic type on which all short codes operate and can be used for both one-way and two-way message delivery. Applications are able to send high-volume one-way messages in bulk, thus distributing one message to many users in a single burst. This capability has earned A2P traffic the nickname “bulk messaging.” It is commonly used by financial institutions, airlines, hotel booking sites, social networks, and other organizations sending SMS from their systems to their customers.

IN Emergency alerts and mass notifications
“Mission-critical” SMS is the most efficient tool for simultaneously alerting people in case of an emergency. SMS messages can be easily used as a mass notification method, as speed, simplicity and reliability are required in critical situations. In addition, SMS can be read multiple times, which is vital when double checking details, re-reading directions or identifying follow-up procedures.
A great example of the power of bulk SMS is how emergency communication provider citizens who are into emergency services like medics or paramedics can be notified about their duty in a particular ward and their times. Moreover, you can create personalised messages for a segmented group; for example, if you want to notify residents of a certain area about opening hours of the stores during lockdowns, you can send out the bulk SMS to ensure less chaotic situations, panic buying and goods hoarding.
Bulk SMS Service for eCommerce
The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly in the last couple of years and continues to grow with a 17% hike even in the pandemic. The reason is that the customers prefer to stay home and buy their goods and services online, eCommerce get the opportunity to boom considerably. Since the industry deals with the largest businesses and brands, great advertising is mandatory to reach a broader customer base and increasing sales. Our dependency on mobile phones for communication and interaction can be an opportunity for brands. On the contrary, more and more brands are leveraging the power of Bulk SMS marketing as they know that it is the most proven and successful way to share their message with the customers. That is the reason why mobile marketing is used by eCommerce businesses to provide new updates and detailed information about their services to the end audience.