Many of the pharmacies are becoming aware of the benefits of using modern communication channels to conduct better conversations with patients. Sending letters and making manual phone calls is fine, but it is very difficult to make letters every time Send every one personally and it is too often become an expensive. For example if we have 1000 of customer if difficult to make letters and do manual phone calls it time consuming and all so it is too often become an expensive.

Prospective pharmacies have realized that they have a better chance of successful communication by focusing on patients’ mobile devices. SMS is a great way to do this. It is cheap, easy for patients to understand and has an unrivalled open rate of 85% to 95% and other way to do this is bulk voice call. In bulk voice pharmacies company and Hospitals, they can set the message in MP3 format and set voice call of 30 second and send to the patients.

1. Dosage Reminder Updates

Sending texts for reminding the clients to take their dosage on time can help in increasing the engagement rates thereby resulting in building a deeper bond with the target audience. Medication reminders though appear simple but are capable of producing great results in no time. Texting is a powerful tool to ignite a personal touch with the patients.

2. Medical report notifications

Hello [name], your blood tests have been completed and are ready for pick-up any day between 9:00 and 20:00 at [clinic]. Check out the address on Google maps for exact directions: Good health to you!

3. Hospital x-ray results notification

Hey [name], your x-ray results just came in. You can check them online by logging in to your patient account at or you can pick them up directly from the hospital. Good health to you! [hospital name].

4. Hospital appointment notification

Thank you for visiting [hospital name]. If you’d like to receive updates about new medical services, treatment options, or personal health updates straight to your phone, respond with ‘YES’ to this number. Good health to you!