Types of Messages That You Cannot Send to Your Customers


1. What is promotional SMS?
Promotional SMS is the message sent on behalf of companies, businesses to advertise their products and services to a wide range of people. The sole purpose of these messages is to create brand awareness and boost business revenue. Promotional Messages can be sent by any business who wish to communicate offers, discounts, deals and create brand recognition. You need to sign up with a Bulk SMS Service Provider for sending promotional SMS to your clients.

Examples of Promotional SMS

Get upto 40% and a free gift coupon for every purchase worth Rs. 2000. Visit us today and get exciting deals at discounted prices. Hurry up! offer valid for today only

Kinds of Promotional messages

Benefits of Promotional SMS Services :

Traditional advertising tools have become obsolete as they fail to create an instant connectivity with the target group and are quite expensive. Most of the promotional emails land in the spam folder, fliers are thrown away without even reading them and cold calling is an intrusive medium that is not preferred by marketers. SMS has become the first choice for building brand reputation as it is convenient, effective and offers the best response rates than any other tool. As per the studies, it has been depicted that Bulk SMS has the highest open rate of 98%. Due to the immense benefits of this powerful marketing channel, industries are opting for it to converse with their clients in the fastest way.

Personalized channel

As SMS gets delivered in the most personal device that is the mobile phone, there are higher chances of the message being read. People carry their cell phones with them all the time. Thus, using Bulk SMS Service gives you the surety to build a strong customer relation by connecting with them on-the-go.

2. what is Transactional SMS

A transactional SMS is a non-marketing automated text message that companies send to support their audience along the customer journey. Among the most common transactional SMS types are order confirmations, welcome text messages, and shipping updates. Transactional messages are the messages which are sent to the customer regarding the product or services they have purchased or applied for. For eg., a bank always sends a message whenever you do a transaction. Similarly, many industries like e-commerce stores, healthcare and many more are using transactional SMS services to give their customers the best user experience.

Let’s also know the places where and at which place transactional SMS can be used:

3. What is Personalized SMS

A personalized text message is an SMS created using subscribers’ data: Number, Name, Messages etc. for the sake of providing them with more valuable offers and news at the right time. SendPulse makes it easy to send personalized messages with its texting functionality.
Step 1. First you have to Create Excel file and you create 3 Column Like: Number, Name, Message and inter mobile number and Name of the Client then type your Message

Step 2. After Creating your Excel file you have to Save in Excel 97-2003 Workbook(.xls)

After selecting file is look like this